Need a hand putting together an awesome and memorable event? We can help! We consist of a team of passionate creatives. Our company offers extravagant, themed parties with fun and engaging entertainment for all ages. Contact us for more information.


Parachute games are an excellent ice breaker for everyone to form a circle, get together and do something fun. We moderate tons of awesome games with our parachutes.

Our magic shows bring out the force that's probably already strong with your kid. There's usually candy prizes created from the birthday kid. "How'd they do that?"

Balloon animals and other cool creations are a party favorite. We make lightsabers, dogs, butterflies, hearts, flowers, monkeys and dinosaurs. The birthday kid and family typically get a special arrangement.

We've got tons of face, hand or arm painting options that create real happiness. From small tattoos to full face superheroes, our colors are bright and get the job done.

We have tons of party music as well as the latest tunes for your guests to bust their best moves on the dance floor. Our sounds are big with club level bass.

Juggling is always a treat to watch. Not only do we juggle fruits and balls while dancing, we also teach mini-classes on how to learn!

Bubbles are magical. At our events, the bubbles seem like tiny universes at our finger tips. We present small bubbles all the way up to big bubbles you can stand in! Make a wish when you pop the bubbles.

Did someone say "Slime?" Ok maybe next event since we don't have time to clean up a mess. Don't worry though, we host nice party craft tables for the creative kid in all of us.

Games anyone? Here's where we get everyone in on the action. From tug-o-war to water balloon toss to baseball to dodge ball. Your party big or small, family party or annual company picnic.. this is where great games happen!

Yes we've got games for babies too. Our beach balls and puppets keep your new loves busy on top of parachutes where mommy and daddy can sit close.

This is a 1st of a kind robot puppet show. Our puppets perform inside and LED lit rocket ship puppet stage. We have animal puppets, people puppets and our signature exclusive robot puppets. Nowhere on earth is there a puppet show like ours. Click on the robot puppet face to learn more!

Our story time activities combine fantastic narration and sound effects. We engage the audiences with questions and reenactments. From fairy tales to scary tales we make sure the kids walk away thinking and wondering.


Themed birthday party characters arrive at your event as mascots, superheroes, princesses, friendly clowns, pirates, ninjas and more. Our offices and network carry almost everything you need for your event to have that special character for the kids and families. Click on the character button to learn more.

DIGITAL MEDIA services for your brand, ideas and projects. We specialize in Graphic Design, Photography 3D modeling.

ADMINISTRATIVE and TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Our customer service skills are top notch. Every single person your business interacts with has a voice. Their experience matters. We understand that. That's why we deliver consistent results.

ELECTRONIC / LIVE DRUMS and SYNTHESIZER MUSIC PRODUCTION: When you need any type of drum tracks with big bass, call on us!