The Webstar Company has partnered up the The Idea Girl INC. to bring you professional aerial photography and cinematic 4K quality drone footage for your event or business.

Filming: We provide you with our state of the art imaging technology that provides Ultra-High-Def Imaging specifically calibrated for roof inspections using our proprietary software.

Events: Record your event from a bird’s eye perspective Obviously, number one is putting a drone up above your event and getting beautiful video footage and photographs from an aerial perspective.

Real Estate: Our goal is to create a video so stunning that you might not even want to sell your home or property. If you do decide to sell then an aerial video is by far the best way to hit the market.

Previously only the wealthy could afford aerials and those aerials were only stills from a plane or helicopter. Now it’s possible to get as close or as far away as you want, all in a fully edited HD/4K video.