The Webstar Company is a multi-functional entertainment organization that produces fulfilling experiences. With our clients we plan and consult event planning solutions from start to finish. Our production and marketing teams produce animations, music videos, live streams and robot character modeling for video games. Call or text us to get your events, characters and media ready. We're here for you and want you happy.

THE WEBSTAR COMPANY mission statement: “The mission of The Webstar Company is to be one of the world's most significant maker and source of premium quality enjoyment and entertainment. Applying our selection of brands to distinguish our content, services and consumer products, we search to develop the most creative, inventive and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the galaxy.”

THE WEBSTAR COMPANY quality policy: The Webstar Company is committed to provide the most memorable and useful experiences to our costumer family and friends in positive psychological enhancement. In order to achieve this objective our quality policy is: To understand customer needs and accordingly design safe and user friendly products. To manufacture cost effective products of consistent quality. To extend excellent customer support and services at all times. We pledge dedicated efforts and commitment towards fulfillment of the above.